"Most students consider that getting a PhD degree is very tiresome and somehow is boring. However, those students do not agree with such statement. They recognize that they have routine days sometimes. However, it is just because they do not have any test and have to work on academic papers. PhD students have to scan and examine tons of printed or online literature (books, articles etc.). It is an essential part of any investigation. They come to know about all the novelties in their field of research. Scholars have to arrange huge amount of the data and publish own article with own researches. Mostly, students use editing services online for such purpose, because it is much easier. Such days can be really nourishing, but professional writers help them to cope with huge pile of papers. Surely, each table is filled with the plenty of documents, but those students know how to entertain. They have an access to the newest labs and can have any kind of craze experiment. Moreover, group of students that is working on the one project, can become really close friends. They can even have a Cake Day each week when someone gets a pie or a cake for the whole company.